Monday 14 December 2009

Outcast Love # 29 - LERI AHEL

Leri Ahel is a Croatian vinyl collector from the his teen 80's when he used his mum as a vinyl smuggling mule to smuggle his vinyl from Italy to present day.
He decided to do a radio show when he started to play again locally after a 6-7 year pause, wanting to promote the music and himself in an area in which the airwaves and dancefloors are monopolized by progressive house and minimal techno.
His radio show 'Mutant Disco' started life on radio Svid in Rijeka/Croatia and was cancelled recently with all the other speacialist shows when the station was sold.
The show consists of an impressive selection of new and old dance music from disco, nu disco, deep house, downtempo, dubstep, soul, funk, afrobeat... and occasionally a pop tune. At the moment Mutant Disco airs on Exit festivals radio station Elektrana radio every saturday 9-11 pm.


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