Saturday, 29 August 2009

Disco Outcasts on

saturday 29th august 10pm - 4am (gmt)
live stream from


Dionne - Come & Get My Lovin

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Disco Outcasts on

Live from The Purple Pussy Cat Manchester
Saturday 22nd August 10pm - 4am (GMT)


Carrie Lucas - Dance With You

Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Outcast Love # 19 - VILLA (Mindless Boogie)

Next up in the Outcast Love mix series is the hugely talented Villa. There edits on Mindless Boogie recently have been causing a massive wave not only with us but the whole balearic, disco scene has been going nuts over them..

This mix is a lovely crafted selection of tracks that Villa has put together especially for us & you. So whilst you are enjoying this beautiful mix head on over to there my space to discover more about the wonder that is Villanese! xx

In 1982 I was on holiday at Lago di Como - Italy.
Its there where i met Beba - who was a local artist - working as a barkeeper. First time i saw him he was sitting on the shore of the lake singing on some chords on his guitar. I still remember the melody of that moment. it was Gold...

One thing let to another and he joined me to Ibiza to start working with me. I had a little bar close to Ibiza village where i was dj-ing and doing live percussions on live shows. Beba added vocals and guitar harmonies to this so we had a band. That is where it all started...


Vallery Allington - Stop

Dianne Marie - I've Waited Much To Long

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Disco Outcasts live on

Disco Outcasts all night long
Saturday 15th August, 10pm - 4am (gmt)

Monday, 10 August 2009


We are extremely pleased to give you Outcast Love 18, which is Mondo Disco's Steve Lee set from the Airbound Festival Croatia, July 31st on The Tiki Bar..

Steve is also a very close & dear friend of the Disco Outcasts having played at The Purple Pussy Cat a few times now & on every occasion he has rocked the place!

Technically & Musically Steve is one of the most gifted dj's we have had the pleasure of working with, he sets move with ease from slow mo balearic, electronic, deep house & disco, with every selection an absolute must for any dj or music collector..

It was also a massive honour to travel to Croatia with Steve & Dave to play at the Airbound Festival as part of Mondo Disco which was a truly magical & special night.

So once again we say, whilst you are enjoying this set From Steve pour yourself a cold one & think of sun drenched party people dancing the night away to the sound of Mondo Disco. Massive Love Steve, we salute you. xx

From a child Steve was a gifted pianist studying at Trinity College of Music and in his early teens found a passion for turntablism and 80’s hip hop DJ culture. Learning to beatmix and skratch at a very early age, Steve then went on to DJ in the club scene at the tender age of 17 and thus, went on to run his own night in a small turbo sound driven backroom at the age of 19 with some of the original pioneers on the club circuit.

Throughout this time he has continued to DJ and hold residencies in London, Europe and also guest spots such as LA's Sky Bar, always entertaining his crowd with a mix of deep house, balearic beat, electronica & various disco elements. He's still fond of his passion for B-Boy battle breaks and continues to feature juggling and skratching in his DJ sets, clearly proving his talent as an all-round DJ, whatever genre or style he chooses to play.



Saturday, 8 August 2009

Outcast Love # 17 - MONDO DISCO @ AIRBOUND CROATIA mixed by DAVE JAY

Real treat for you here folks, Outcast Love 17 comes from Dave Jay of Mondo Disco, this is his set from the Airbound Festival Croatia, July 31st on The Tiki Bar..

David is a close friend of the Disco Outcasts, he was the first ever guest at The Purple Pussy Cat & we have kept in touch ever since. Indeed we have been down to the Mondo Disco monthly soiree @ The Horse & Groom, London to play for them also.

It was also a massive honour to travel to Croatia with Dave Jay & Steve Lee to play at the Airbound Festival as part of Mondo Disco which was a truly magical & special night.

So whilst you are enjoying this set From Dave pour yourself a cold one & think of sun drenched party people dancing the night away to the sound of Mondo Disco. Massive Love Dave, we salute you. xx

Session musician (and co-founder of proto-d&b group PHUTURE ASSASSINS) who has spent 1990-2009 working for independent record labels such as Suburban Base, Freskanova, Acid Jazz and Narcotix, whilst remixing acts as diverse as EAST 17 & THE FREESTYLERS.

Also co-produced MATRIX vs. DILEMMA's 'Spring Box' and subsequently signed to MADONNA's Maverick Records in the US as a member of SOUL HOOLIGAN, through which the band released an album, 'Music Like Dirt', and contributed to TV and movie soundtracks such as 'Austin Powers: Goldmember' & 'Six Feet Under'.

Left SOUL HOOLIGAN to concentrate on managing James Sanger (producer of albums for SIOBHAN DONAGHY and KEANE) during 2004. Has resumed recording since 2005, collaborating with the likes of ANDY LEWIS & JSTAR; set up MONDO DISCO club nights in Shoreditch with DJ STEVE LEE (which in turn has led on to a MONDO re-edit project with RAY MANG); and has just had his most recent project (TWISTED TONGUE, alongside co-producer Mark Dalton) signed to Acid Jazz records. The debut album is set for release 10/08/09.


* if you want the track list give me a shout!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Disco Outcasts live on

we are back in the disco dive tomorrow night for a full 6 hours of 21st century disco action.. for all our friends you can listen in on xx

saturday 8th august from 10pm - 4am gmt
Disco Outcasts all night long

Holger Hiller - Das Feuer [Pilooski edit]

Bush Tetras - Snakes Crawl [Burglar Tom edit]

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Finished Touch - Sunshine Love

Goody Goody - Super Jocks

Nacht Und Nebel - Beats Of Love

Lovefingers - Wanna Dance

Ubq - When I fell In Love

Outcast Love # 16 - PATCH

For my first post after a beautiful time on the Adriatic i'm going share this amazing mix from Patch of the massive blog Waves at Night. This Australian blog is without a doubt one of the best i frequent with all things disco, downtempo, cosmic, balearic & more.

These guys are so on the pulse of all the music that i love & play out & this mix is possibly on of the best i have heard in a while, a massively fierce selection of good music.. so it's with great pleasure that i give to you Patch.. enjoy xx

The Australian music blog Waves at Night started gracing the interwebs and the blog world back in October 2007, starting out on the free Blogger service and then comfortably moving to its own host months later. The blog was born from a random conversation between (blog founders) JD and Patch and it wasn't till a few days later the project was born: neither expected it to be so successful and fruitful. Each writer brings a different meal to the table which means the blog covers a wide range of the spectrum: shoegazers, french-house, disco, leftfield, downtempo, cosmic, belearic, bangers, rock, etc.etc.., the list goes on.

Apart from writing on the blog, Patch also DJ's around the Geelong/Melbourne areas of Victoria in a duo named Crysknife, and also goes by the name Arjano for solo purposes. The mix I've conjured up is just the tunes I've been feeling lately. Theres some deep house, some disco, well,... basically theres a bit of everything.

Waves at Night strives to bring you the sounds that crash to shore, to wash you over you at night.




Tuesday, 4 August 2009

MAssive Love IN xxx

if you are thinking about going to one of the festivals in petrcane, croatia, we can not recommend it highly enough, a truly magical place.. we promise that you will not be disappointed, it has to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to...

MAssive Love IN xxx

so back to the posts: I have a couple of ace mixes from waves at night, villa & more that i will be posting in the coming days alongside some more tasty mp3 treats for you.. xx