Thursday 14 August 2008

Disco Outcasts 24th August

Disco Outcasts welcome James Holroyd & Steve Lee to the basement for our second party on the bank holiday.

James Holroyd has always had OCD when it comes to collecting records!! To him it is a weird and wonderful world..influences to his music are insatiably searched and loved and manifest themselves in a unique sonic way.His sinewaves have led him to have a longstanding affiliation to some very successful clubs.

He has been resident DJ at the legendary BACK TO BASICS and BUGGED OUT since their inceptions.They have been going for a while now!! In fact both were started before 1994.

Basics is the longest running dance music club night in Britain and won Best Club award for 2006 in DJ Mag for its forays in the superb MYHOUSE venue.

He has also been tour DJ for the infamous CHEMICAL BROTHERS for over a decade. He is currently DJing as part of their their WE ARE THE NIGHT tour which is currently gearing up to a visit to Olympia in London(not in Beijing)...So he has plenty of places to air his vinyls

As well as his regular BASICS and BUGGEDOUT! slots he has regularly played guest slots nationwide and internationally.

james holroyd

North London's Steve Lee cut his DJ teeth back in 91' where he ran a backroom with regular Paul "Trouble" Anderson at the tender age of 17. Since these early days he has played across the UK, Europe & LA spinning the best in club music embracing electronica, balearic and the deeper side of house.

In addition, Steve also held down a 10 year residency at Natural Feelin' - The UK's longest serving acid jazz night and it was here he played alongside regulars such as Eddie Pillar, Froggy, Scruff and Gilles Peterson.

Still considered to be a gifted turntablist you will often hear some cheeky turntable routines in his DJ sets. Steve is just as passionate about the old-skool DJ techniques as well as embracing the new digital movement.

Nowadays, Steve runs his own fortnightly night KOLLEKTIV in Kings Cross, London. Kollektiv is home to his vintage collection, with the main focus on balearic, disco and deep house and now in it's 4th year, he still delights his hometown crowd with an ever-changing playlist.

In 2008, Steve has guested at The End, Big Chill House, Fabric, Love To Fly - East Village, LaserMagnectic's Balearic BBQ, NYE @ The Freemasons - Wandsworth and a number of private parties for the film and fashion industry. He's currently in the studio with his musical partner Andy - with an eagerly awaited album due in the Autumn, 2008.

Steve Lee

May The Funk Be With You X

Disco Outcasts Presents
James Holroyd & Steve Lee
Sunday 24th August, 10pm - 4am
The Purple Pussy Cat

Goody Goody - Let Me Work On You

Kool Dj Dust - Labour Of Love

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Isn't it great that disco is in vogue again? After becoming demonised in the 70s in a violent fashion, disco seems to return every eight years or so, kicking and screaming, refusing to die. But is it a good thing disco is 'trendy' again? When people get into a frenzy to renounce all other forms of music and suddenly pledge allegiance to a groove, just to have their finger on the pulse rather than for love, it kinda sucks. And the originators who beavered away quietly and passionately when it wasn't fashionable, look on, mouths agape as the masses climb on board.

I blame the media and those pesky taste makers. When disco was declared dead by the press those scenes went back underground and wonderful things happened away from the probing glare of the media eye. My point being? Don't listen to the media! They meddle, they interfere and they get it oh so wrong. Remember 'dance music is dead' a few years back? If they say something is dead breathe life back into the rotting corpse.

If they say something is 'in' you know that means it will be dead in 3 months. Sucked dry and over exposed by the press. Save time and destroy whatever is 'in fashion' immediately. Why wait for the media to knock it down first?

Above all, do not listen to ANYTHING you read in magazines or on the internet... ANYTHING... DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS. We are not to be trusted and only want control of your tiny little minds. And while we are here, may we take a mortgage out on your souls? We hear prices are falling rapidly.

Space Disco?

Chaz Jankel - Get Yourself Together [ Herc House Mix ]

San Miguel Hidden Depths Tour

Following a highly successful launch in 2007, San Miguel Hidden Depths is set to return this summer with a series of five one-off music and media events held in London and Manchester.

21st August, The End / AKA, London, electro-funk duo Chromeo will be leaving their respective bases in New York and Montreal and inviting their friends and inspirations to join them.

Chromeo earned rave reviews supporting Bloc Party on their British Tour and recently played a sold out gig at London’s Koko.

You can register to win tickets, find out more about the other events, sign-up to the newsletter and access exclusive material at San Miguel

Tuesday 12 August 2008