Saturday 27 February 2010

Disco Outcasts on Blip Fm

You can now listen to what we play at our parties and music we like on the ace internet radio station Blip Fm. LOve IN xx


Tuesday 23 February 2010

Outcast LOve 31 > Nassau

Nassau is a side project of a thin old italian man - a so called disc jockey since 1984 - happy to return in a quiet 'rotation per minute way' after years of 130's slots; a sort of homecoming to late 70es/early 80es when we driven at 120 while radio stations and early discos played everything from Greg Kihn Band to Chic, early Simple Minds together with Monsoon and Skatt Brothers, Ian Dury, F.lli La Bionda and Kiss. Nassau was heartbroken by Hacienda and Cosmic Disco, and has no relationship with fluo stuff and rush hours.

Nassau goes slowly, as when the sun goes down or the tide comes high. A mystical project where Salsa, Balearic Disco, Ambient, Tropicalism, Cosmic Music, Tablas, Trance and Afro Beat collides.

Highly recommended with Martini Dry and Gauloises @ 7 p.m.



Thursday 18 February 2010


Backbeats is a brand new series from Harmless which launches our 15th birthday celebrations in 2010 with 10 brand new releases of the highest quality @ a super-competitive price!

Culled from the wealth of the Demon Music Group controlled catalogues, the Backbeats repertoire comes from the best collection of independent labels in the world including Hi, Cream, Philadelphia International, Sleeping Bag, Fresh, Streetwise, Idlers, Warlock, Easy Street, Sam, Chi-Sound, Trax, Philly Groove, Jewel, Paula, Ronn, Ace, Tribe, Invictus, Hot Wax, Music Merchant, Amazon and numerous other catalogues which have shaped the history of Black Music and Dance Culture over the years.

The Backbeats series will be released at regular intervals and will utilise the talents of some of the best compilers in the world and experts in their respective areas. In this age of illegal downloading, file swapping and music stores closing we intend to make a stand for the beauty of the lovingly compiled compilation format at an unbeatable price. This is music to value forever at a price which makes perfect sense in the present market.

The first 10 albums in the Backbeats series have been designed by veteran compiler Ian Dewhirst perhaps best known for the ground-breaking Mastercuts series in the early 90s – a series which redefined the landscape of the compilation market. Backbeats has been designed to offer some of the best music in the world from some of the greatest independent labels over the last 50 years. Backbeats will also utilise the talents of a wide range of compilers across different genres of Black/Dance music throughout future volumes. We will only use the full original 12” or album versions from the original artists, plus, with over 75 minutes of music on each Backbeats album, you can be assured of getting maximum musical value for relatively minimal outlay.

As an introductory gift to everyone it gives us great pleasure to offer a free download of one of the greatest tracks ever laid to tape – the magnificent Paris - “I Choose You”. Little did vocalist Paris Holley realise that when he recorded the original demo session for “I Choose You” in 1984 that veteran Chicago producer Carl Davis would be so impressed that he immediately decided to issue it on his own Kelli-Arts label as it was, demo or not! However, back then, no one realised it would be heralded as one of the all-time greatest Soul love songs by a worldwide legion of fans some 25 years later! We couldn’t think of a better gift to launch the series! Enjoy!

The Backbeats series is out now on CD & Download.

Saturday 13 February 2010

Stefano live at The Bunker 2007

This is a live recording of me playing at one of the many after parties we had at 'The Bunker' in Manchester. The Bunker was a strictly invite only affair and was mostly family down in that underground palace of fun.. Some weekends it was like a scene from a Star Wars bar. Ace times and memories. Massive love to Monsieur Saski xx

Stefano Live at The Bunker

Friday 12 February 2010

Outcast LOve 30 > Balearik Soul

pretty stoked to be asked by stefan for a mix for the disco outcasts blog. here we go then, a selection of records that have surfaced to the top of the pile lately (yup, I’m a vinyl only type of guy) – it’s dark disco time with off key, off beat, european electronic gear, some dolly parton and ultimately climaxing with a great viewlexx 12” from a few years ago – couldn’t get it together to mix it all though so it’s more of a non-mix (i’ll leave the seamless mixes to the ableton/serato lovers out there).

about me? not much to say really, used to live on london, used to dj out quite regularly, used to have a taste for the nitelife, used to spend silly amounts of money on records but things have changed – i’m all for the quiet life now. i still get out every now and then but I’m fussy, lazy and don’t take as many risks as I did 20 years ago and rarely visit the dancefloor. i get round all this by staying in touch with my musical pals via the web, sharing mixes and selling antique vinyl records via discogs.

anyway i’m blathering on now – enjoy the music!

speziale BS020210 by baleariksoul

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Downlow Radio Love DJ shows

For those seeking an uninterrupted online streaming musical paradise, The Downlow Radio is serving up a special selection of love-themed shows by an array of best DJs from the global homo-soul-funk underground to get your juices flowing in time for Valentine’s Day.

The station airs its exclusive Valentine’s selection by guest DJs London’s Horse meat Disco, Shnezzy (2 Block Radius), San Francisco’s Tee Cardaci (Deep & Dusted), adrid/London’s Nacho Martin and Luke Howard alongside a team of resident DJs playing top quality underground, rare and classic soul, funk, disco, rare groove, gospel, jazz, house, reggae and acid house 24/7.

As part of the Valentine’s special, The Downlow are also giving away a free mp3 track – the soon-to-be released Human Future (Sanguine Recordings) by San Francisco electronic music scene fixture, DJ Jason Mouse. Click here* to collect your free mp3 download.

Built on the musical foundations of the vintage black US soul and disco once played in gay venues across America, The Downlow Radio offers up fresh, weekly shows presenting a musical alternative to the standard gay routine of tired, commercial trash-pop. Launched online in June last year, the no-talking site has quickly gathered an impressive listener base and is currently celebrating 38,000 show listens.

Monday 8 February 2010

Fun Fun - Baila Bolero

Midnight Star - Midas Touch (CFCF Remix)

Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise