Tuesday 28 July 2009

Airbound Festival, Croatia>>>

So we are off to Petrcane, Croatia for a week to play at the Airbound Festival with our London partners Mondo Disco. Dave Jay, Steve Lee, Leo & myself will be playing Friday night from 7pm - Midnight at the Tikki Bar on the beach. If you are making your way over there come & say hello.. xx

Airbound Festival

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Disco Outcasts on awdio.com

disco outcasts & friends are now live every saturday from the pussy cat on awdio.com it will be a unique link each week that you will need to log in to stream the party which we will post here for you xx

saturday 25th july - from 10pm gmt
disco outcasts vs non e possibile [marseilles]

Monday 20 July 2009

Outcast Love # 15 - SIR BILLY

Next up in the Outcast Love series we have a real treat for you in the form of Sir Billy. The edit maestro has been sending me his work for some time now with some really special edits that have never been released commercially. Artists that have had the Sir Billy treatment include The Human League, Incredible Bongo Band, Pankow, Dead or Alive & more.

Sir Billy's love of the 80's is reflected in this mix with some exclusive edits for the outcast love series, so whilst you are downloading the mix you can also head over to Sir Billy's my space to discover more of his work.. Enjoy x

He's been involved in music since 1978. Began his carrier as record collector and radio speaker. Then he's been known as vocalist with Templebeat (a combo who gained massive airplay during the 90es, charted in Germany, Switzerlands and North Europe, played several european festivals and appeared on RAI TV, Videomusic and MTV's 120 Minutes). He started writing during the 80es for magazines as Music Club and Dynamo, now he's a columnist for Il Mucchio Selvaggio and Il Mucchio Extra. Remixer, alone and in collaboration with fellas as The Bloody Beetroots, Mr. Jimma, Creso. Former member of Excuse Me club venue. He also wrote and published a novel called The Queen Of Eyes. Vinyljunkie and dj, basically he loves every kind of music from Patty Pravo to Coil passing thru King Tubby. Quick, Clean & Efficient Since last millenium.


Monday 6 July 2009

Outcast Love # 14 - ANDY WEBB

Outcast Love # 14 comes from Andy Webb, who is the author of the excellent Australian blog Disco Delicious. I became aware of Andy's work several months back & was very impressed with selections. I'm a regular visitor to his blog as he is very up to date with current music, posting recent tracks from some of the heavyweights of the electronic disco world.

Andy had delivered a rather tasty mix which will get you in the mood for a night of full on sweaty dancing in the basement or at the after party. So once again i ask you to raise a glass on this occasion to the sound of Andy Webb, Disco Delicious indeed! Enjoy x

Like one third of the Earth's population (and roughly 80% of Sydney's) I'm a young male DJ and blogger. I'm also a drummer, I have a meaningless degree in audio engineering and I love coffee and spicy food, although not at the same time. When I started Disco Delish I never intended for anybody to actually read it and don't have a clue how or why I managed to keep it up until anybody took notice. But it's been unbelievably fun and there's such a colossal amount of music I would have missed out on without it.

Anyway, down to business: disco music is totally awesome and disco dancing is totally awesome, so I thought hard and then did this mix. It's boogie factor 10 for getting up and having a jive to - the way disco should be! Good times.