Wednesday 25 November 2009


For our final guest of the year we welcome Chris Duckenfield to the disco dive for a night of disgraceful deviance. Chris is responsible for so many amazing records under his Swag & The Popular Peoples Front monikers & his dj sets are legendary the world over.

For more info on Chris head over to his web site & if you can't make it on Saturday night you can listen to the live stream on

22:00 > 04:00 > FREE ENTRY


Manicured Noise - Metronome [Cousin Cole Remix]

Huge thanks to Dave at CTR Records for allowing me to share Cousin Cole's remix of 'Metronone' by the old Manc Post-Punkers Manicured Noise. ENjoy >>>

Manicured Noise - Metronome [Cousin Cole Remix]

Thursday 19 November 2009

Phred > La Dame Noir > Marseille > Mix

Phred our very good friend from LA Dame Noir, Marseille has done a mix for the ace cult crusher site.. This is truly one of the best house mixes i have heard in a long time, a massively deep slick affair.. Get yourself over there now and grab it.. Big LOve Phred > The OUTcasts


Karen Carpenter - It's Really You [Cole's Funk Down Mix]

Brooklyn Dreams - Street Man

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Outcast Love # 27 - RED RACK 'EM

Danny Berman aka Red Rack'em is working on several musical projects including Hot Coins (disco/house), Marlinspike (Detroit techno 2 step) and Red Rack'em (hip hop and beatdown house). He produces music for quite a few respected labels including Tirk, Untracked, Society, Home Taping, Undertones and Deep Freeze and has also remixed a few well known artists such as Tricky and The Revenge. His remix of the Larry Levan gospel disco classic 'Stand On The Word' by The Joubert Singers was the lead track on the sampler twelve for the latest Tirk compilation and has been massively supported by Greg Wilson and Gilles Peterson making it one of the biggest tracks of 2009.

As a DJ, Danny plays many different styles of music around the UK and in Europe and he also produces and presents his own radio show/podcast The Smugglers Inn, which focuses on upfront and unreleased music from his network of underground contacts around the world. The podcast is available from or search itunes for 'smugglers inn' Expect to hear the finest hip-hop, disco, cosmic, electro, punk funk, proper house, broken beat, jazz, funk and wonky beats.

Danny has been playing at some pretty cool events in the last year or so including Glastonbury, Big Chill, Gilles Petersons Worldwide Awards, Bestival and Snowbombing. His DJ set at the Worldwide Awards at Cargo in London (going on straight after Jazzanova) was really well received and broadcast on Radio 1 the following week.


Friday 13 November 2009

disco outcasts reviews for

we have started a monthly singles review section for headpecked > go look >>> if you would like your track reviewed > send it the disco outcasts email >>>


Thursday 12 November 2009

Outcast Love # 26 - CROWHEAD

Woody aka Crowhead started out in the early nineties when he got lucky with a blag whiplash claim and was awarded 2000 quid after an oscar winning performance in a doctors surgery on St John street in Manchester. 17 years old and already an avid collector of Rave and Breakhardcore he could now afford to lavish his booty on 2 x 1210 (silver ;-D) Mixer, Amp and Speakers and spent the rest on records. The next few years kind of went like this - Hang out>Smoke Hash>Buy Records>Mix records>. Living in Salford bargains were never far away. A local nutter with a lot of records and no money and a panchent for substance abuse triggered the eclectic switch in Woody's mind when he sold said records for 40 quid. in that box was a mix of house ,electro, Hip Hop and various Ultimate Breaks and Beats. Eventually all styles were being consumed and the rarer the better. He eventually ended up working for Fat City Records and was the man behind the legendary Friends and Family club night. Also was signed to Grand Central records for some time and now signed as Crowhead to ATIC Records with his debut album out Oct 12th. This mix is a collection of some of his favourite mid tempo soul and disco cuts obtained over the many years he has spent buying music.Enjoy


Royalle Delite - I'll Be A Freak For You

Monica Thorton - Give It Up

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Outcast Love # 25 - ADRIAN LUVDUP

For those of you of a certain age, the name Luvdup might bring back some very happy memories. Adrian and Mark (together with 'Luvdup Juniors' Alan and Mike - the latter now known as the 'Balearic' one) were responsible for many a great night out, from their intimate dos at The Venue through to massive nights Sat@Home and Jolly Roger at the Paradise Factory .

Now, through the magic of Facebook, Adrian Luvdup has set up a group called The Eclectic Circus – an opportunity to share some favourites that he never got booked to play. Great big dollops of Funk, Northern Soul, Disco, Ska, Reggae, Old school Hip Hop, Balearic, Acid House and whatever else takes his fancy, be it well-known and much loved classics or obscure little gems.

This has led to a number of kind invitations from like-minded individuals for him to come spin his Eclectic Circus faves at various Mancunian nightspots.

He also plays top music and talks nonsense on air with DJ Paul Hughes for Salford City Radio’s weekly Eclectic Circus Wireless Show.



Wednesday 4 November 2009

Outcast Love # 24 - RUFF DUG

RUF DUG was born in a volcano (stockport) and raised by wolves (his mum and dad). then he went to australia and got involved with some loose bastards and ended up a fully paid-up member of the Sydney Disco Mafia. A spell at the red bull music academy in 2006 opened Ruffy's liberated mind even further and deleriously psychedelic warehouse parties soon followed, always a step ahead of the local filth...

2008 saw RD embark on an epic voyage, returning to his motherland; during this time his portable studio was witness to some savage sessions which saw the birth of the track known as 'Dirty'... a lucky few were sent copies and stories returned to Ruffy of dancefloors being smashed across the globe. More than a few labels wanted to sign the track and in the end the mysterious Popular Peoples Front came with the goods and Ruf Dug was finally unleashed on the world...

Now RD has set up his own little label-factory, RüF KUTZ, focusing on ultra-limited runs of boutique bootleg gear of dubious morality, just the way Ruffy LIKES IT... The first release, RK#1, is a collection of tried and tested dancefloor weapons from RD's secret stash, chopped and fucked and PUMPED UP in the nice way... Soon available from discreet outlets...