Friday, 24 December 2010


We would like to wish you all a very merry & peaceful Christmas...

To all the people we played, partied, laughed, danced & got drunk with we love you all. A special thanks to everyone at our beloved disco den The Purple Pussycat > Ross, Rachel, Matt, Dave, Brodie, Danny & Lisa, the whole Marseille family > Phred, Hugo, Yann, Paul, Did, Ed, Viktor, Bryce, Marine, Julia, Flo, Raph and everyone at La Dame Noir, Le Passe Temps, La Buvette Disco, Radio Grenouille and each & every one of you we miss you all dearly, Thomas & Val at Numinots, The Disconauts and everyone in Galway, The Unabombers, Moggsy & everyone at the Electriks, Lhea & Sarah at LaNu Ibiza, Mark Rejekt, Everyone at Hustle & Warm, David Dunne at Nu Cool, Ashley Beedle & Vicky Scarth, Jill at Gateaux Show, Marc & Fabrice at Hell's Kitchen, Nick Braddock, Our Friends Eclectic, Steve Leggat, Matt Synthia & Room, Ray Mang, Ajello, Zyron, Rob Soulfood, Moody Manc, all the promo companies who send us ace music and to all our nearest & dearest we love you all...

Stef & Leo

Terry Callier - I Don't Want To See Myself Without You

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