Monday, 27 December 2010


Being brought up on a diet of my mum and dads soul disco and funk records its easy to see why i play and listen to the music i do.Music addiction started for me when electro,hip hop and breakdance broke in the early 80s.Then in 86-87 a mate introduced me to a new sound called house music,the record was adonis'no way back'.After listening and collecting the street sounds electro series it seemed like a logical progression,after all both were made or sampled by machines and both had a funny dance connected to them!!Then i slipped into the acid house scene, raves in fields,dirty warehouses and just about any place we could party! then came hardcore and jungle which i enjoyed but the itch for something new took hold so a refreshing trip to renaissance in 92 took me back to house.Over the years ive whitnessed 100s of djs the best being dj harvey,maw,todd terry,carl cox,doc scott,tom middleton,ltj bukem,d.i.y,keb darge,david mancuso,miles holloway,elliot eastwick,cj macintosh,norman jay,mr scruff,kruder&dorfmiester,kenny carpenter,ashley beedle, to name a few!! im now based in leicester and dj a couple of times a month as having a family and running a business takes up most of my time so enjoy the mix and feedback is always welcome.



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