Wednesday, 6 January 2010

John Gibbs - Get Down With The Jam Band


Scrote said...

That B Beat Girls one - What was that sampled on, a section of the vocal at the start? It's driving me mad trying to remember!

Fine tunes as ever, gentlemen..

Chairman, vice chairman, and all the board of the comment committee.


disco outcast said...

it was some house thing from a few years back, not sure of the name though..

thanks for the kind words..


Scrote said...

Cheers stef, I'll not bother trying to pin it down then..

Not sure why I asked about that tune on the comment for this one..blame the pot.

Unvelated Q; Have you got hold of RufCutz RK#1?

I only ask cos I discovered him through your blog (thanks!)...and I'm loving it. Recommended.

disco outcast said...

yeah i have pal. simon (ruff dug) gave me a copy.. love it