Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ammi Mislayen - El Fen


Scrote said...

Now THAT is going to be repeat for a while, I love it!..thank you so much! Never heard of 'em and not sure how I would've come across it otherwise.:)

Anything you can tell me about the creator/s? A Google search points only to your blog..which gives me the feeling I ain't gonna pick it up for 6-8.99.:s

disco outcast said...

all i know about the artist is that he was algerian born and lived in france. this was released in the mid 70's.. and yes it's pretty rare.
there was a re-edit issued last year called 'taliban discotheque' that you may be able to track down..

stef x

Scrote said...

Thanks Stef, much appreciated.

I've ordered 'taliban discotheque' via discogs. Unsurprisingly there are no originals for sale.