Thursday, 12 November 2009

Outcast Love # 26 - CROWHEAD

Woody aka Crowhead started out in the early nineties when he got lucky with a blag whiplash claim and was awarded 2000 quid after an oscar winning performance in a doctors surgery on St John street in Manchester. 17 years old and already an avid collector of Rave and Breakhardcore he could now afford to lavish his booty on 2 x 1210 (silver ;-D) Mixer, Amp and Speakers and spent the rest on records. The next few years kind of went like this - Hang out>Smoke Hash>Buy Records>Mix records>. Living in Salford bargains were never far away. A local nutter with a lot of records and no money and a panchent for substance abuse triggered the eclectic switch in Woody's mind when he sold said records for 40 quid. in that box was a mix of house ,electro, Hip Hop and various Ultimate Breaks and Beats. Eventually all styles were being consumed and the rarer the better. He eventually ended up working for Fat City Records and was the man behind the legendary Friends and Family club night. Also was signed to Grand Central records for some time and now signed as Crowhead to ATIC Records with his debut album out Oct 12th. This mix is a collection of some of his favourite mid tempo soul and disco cuts obtained over the many years he has spent buying music.Enjoy


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