Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Outcast Love # 25 - ADRIAN LUVDUP

For those of you of a certain age, the name Luvdup might bring back some very happy memories. Adrian and Mark (together with 'Luvdup Juniors' Alan and Mike - the latter now known as the 'Balearic' one) were responsible for many a great night out, from their intimate dos at The Venue through to massive nights Sat@Home and Jolly Roger at the Paradise Factory .

Now, through the magic of Facebook, Adrian Luvdup has set up a group called The Eclectic Circus – an opportunity to share some favourites that he never got booked to play. Great big dollops of Funk, Northern Soul, Disco, Ska, Reggae, Old school Hip Hop, Balearic, Acid House and whatever else takes his fancy, be it well-known and much loved classics or obscure little gems.

This has led to a number of kind invitations from like-minded individuals for him to come spin his Eclectic Circus faves at various Mancunian nightspots.

He also plays top music and talks nonsense on air with DJ Paul Hughes for Salford City Radio’s weekly Eclectic Circus Wireless Show.



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