Monday, 10 August 2009


We are extremely pleased to give you Outcast Love 18, which is Mondo Disco's Steve Lee set from the Airbound Festival Croatia, July 31st on The Tiki Bar..

Steve is also a very close & dear friend of the Disco Outcasts having played at The Purple Pussy Cat a few times now & on every occasion he has rocked the place!

Technically & Musically Steve is one of the most gifted dj's we have had the pleasure of working with, he sets move with ease from slow mo balearic, electronic, deep house & disco, with every selection an absolute must for any dj or music collector..

It was also a massive honour to travel to Croatia with Steve & Dave to play at the Airbound Festival as part of Mondo Disco which was a truly magical & special night.

So once again we say, whilst you are enjoying this set From Steve pour yourself a cold one & think of sun drenched party people dancing the night away to the sound of Mondo Disco. Massive Love Steve, we salute you. xx

From a child Steve was a gifted pianist studying at Trinity College of Music and in his early teens found a passion for turntablism and 80’s hip hop DJ culture. Learning to beatmix and skratch at a very early age, Steve then went on to DJ in the club scene at the tender age of 17 and thus, went on to run his own night in a small turbo sound driven backroom at the age of 19 with some of the original pioneers on the club circuit.

Throughout this time he has continued to DJ and hold residencies in London, Europe and also guest spots such as LA's Sky Bar, always entertaining his crowd with a mix of deep house, balearic beat, electronica & various disco elements. He's still fond of his passion for B-Boy battle breaks and continues to feature juggling and skratching in his DJ sets, clearly proving his talent as an all-round DJ, whatever genre or style he chooses to play.




steve lee said...

Awwww.... We love you to guys!! xxx

cockneybarrowboy said...

As Steve's personal stalker, I can only concur with your summation of Steve's immense talent although I never knew about the juggling!
Midas touch indeed!
Thank you Outcasts and Steve,
Rob xx