Monday, 10 November 2008

The Return Of Boggy!

JAMES HOLROYD (Bugged Out! / Back To Basics / Chemical Brothers Tour DJ)
STEFANO & LEO (Disco Outcasts)

Saturday November 15th
Purple Pussy Cat
19a Backbridge Street, off Deansgate
10pm - 4am
Free Entry

For our next Disco Outcasts party we welcome James Holroyd back to the Purple Pussy Cat. James has always had OCD when it comes to collecting records! To him it is a weird and wonderful world. Influences to his music are insatiably searched and loved and manifest themselves in a unique sonic way. His sinewaves have led him to have a longstanding affiliation to some very successful clubs. He has been resident DJ at the legendary BACK TO BASICS and BUGGED OUT since their inceptions. They have been going for a while now! In fact both were started before 1994. Basics is the longest running dance music club night in Britain and won Best Club award for 2006 in DJ Mag for its forays in the superb MYHOUSE venue. He has also been tour DJ for the infamous CHEMICAL BROTHERS for over a decade. On top of DJing James is also into production. He re-edits tracks as part of his DJ sets and also creates his own music. Your offside discoid residents Stefano and Leo will be on hand to fill in all the cracks!

See you on the dancefloor. x

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