Friday, 31 October 2008

Truly Amazing

Carl Craig
Les Siècles Orchestra
Francesco Tristano
Live Concert @
Cité de la Musique, Paris

This unique meeting between a classical ensemble and techno music.For the concoction to work, it needed a guide: Carl Craig. Originator of the project, the emblematic Detroit producer/DJ worked with pianist Francesco Tristano to arrange his compositions for an orchestra. Distinguished guest, Moritz Von Oswald made a valuable contribution to the project, offering fans a rhythmic arrangement and a new piece co-written with Carl Craig. The result is impressive: a unique sound aesthetic that breaks down barriers between seemingly incompatible music styles – as described by François Xavier Roth, musical director and conductor of the “Siècles” orchestra: “There is no hierarchy in music, only a quest for high standards”. Historic concert !

The Concert

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Miguel Manzano said...

This is truly amazing, and since you posted it on my page it has cropped up on a fair few other music sites. Well found..