Monday, 15 August 2011

Disco Outcasts guest mix 44 > Relatif Yann [NEP, Radio Grenouille, La Dame Noir, Marseille]

Next up in our mix series is our very dear and close pal Yann. Yann is part of the so called 'Marseille Disco Mafia' who we've had the pleasure of playing with many times.

Yann's mix here is truly what the sound of Marseille is - deep dark chuggy bass heavy house that will have you looking for that perfect basement to get off in.

Yann has been turning people on to killer groove's freely in France and abroad since 1996. He is the co-founder of the bad boy duo Non รจ possibile with Phred Noir and La Dame Noir Dancing. Yann is also the Resident DJ on 'Selections Naturelle' for Radio Grenouille, 88.8FM Marseille.

Raphael Sage & Related Yann "Breaking Down" on Brown Eyed Boy Records.
Sarah Goldfarb & remixes by Fred Berthet on Brown Eyed Boy Records.
Remix by Sarah Goldfab on German Label 200.


La Dame Noir [Dancing]


Jared Szpakowski said...

Can anyone ID that track from 41.18-44.27

Relatif Yann said...

hey this is

TAD WILLY lonely night

Jared Szpakowski said...

Hmmm, it isnt that song on at those times?! Thanks for replying though.