Monday, 4 July 2011


The monthly World Unknown parties, held in a railway arch in Brixton, have acquired a cult status in recent times. The music policy – unsurprisingly for a night curated by messrs Hart and Blake – is spot on, taking in everything from throbbing EBM and industrial to obscure Italo and sweaty acid house. In recent times Blake has been serving up World Unknown remixes – most notably a sprawling take on The Detachments “Holiday Romance”.

The first two releases are due out on the same day in July. The inaugural twelve is a split release with “Whop!” from Glaswegian production team Naum Gabo (aka Optimo’s JG Wilkes and long term production partner James Savage) appearing alongside “Grauzone” from the marvelously named Franz Underwear.

The second World Unknown 12″ follows soon after, with Neville Watson’s “One Four Green” and Apiento’s “The Orange Place” sharing the spoils. As a bit of a treat you can now stream previews of the Franz Underwear and Apiento tracks via the Soundcloud players below.

This all comes as fantastic news to those still mourning the loss of Blake’s former label Dissident, which folded in late 2009. The first two 12″s are due out in July.


Release date: Early July 2011
Format: Limited edition 12”
Side W: Naum Gabo – Whop!-----> Clip
Side U: Franz Underwear – Grauzone -----> Clip


Release date: Early July 2011
Format: Limited edition 12”
Side W: Neville Watson – One Four Green -----> Clip
Side U: Apiento – The Orange Place -----> Clip

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