Monday, 16 May 2011


Miguel Manzano AKA The Lowrida AKA The Hammer AKA Rassputen AKA Klaus Koppner AKA Bell End.

The man with many names has had many residencies in Manchester and has played all over Europe. Starting from an early age, his older brother showed him the ropes on the SL-1200's with loads of 80's Soul, hip hop, disco and funk breaks stuff. Also in the mix came the late 80's hip-house revolution and all the first Chicago Traxx & DJ International gear, the NY garage was also in the mix of course.

Not content with bedroom mixing, he started his own garage parties with his school mates, mainly to get smashed and play spin the bottle... But the music was always at the forefront, religiously listening in on the radio shows that were pushing weird new UK & US street sounds.

"Leaky Fresh and 808 State on Sunset 102, and Stu Allen on 103, were really pushing US and UK underground stuff. Break Dancing, Skate Boarding, Graff, NWA, Todd Terry, Carl Cox, Sasha & Nipper were all massive in the early year. I was well into it all, but then I went all dark with the Tech Step and Hardcore shit. That was when I started going to raves and that. I think that's why some of the darkness comes through in my music today, but it's only in parts now and I always roll out of it back into a groove, don't want people going under do we! It's always gotta have an element of something soulful or funk driven, even if it's a crazy drugged out acid track, it's got to have a groove and swing to it. I'm not really into that industrial 4/4 stuff really.

With this mix I decided to take it back to those days when it was just about playing records and doing some weird sounding stuff with them, it's not really what I play in clubs but more what I would play in smaller intimate venues and bars."



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