Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Name: Leo Outcast
Night: Disco Outcasts @ Purple Pussy Cat
Style/genre: Disco, Funk and House
Next gig/date: Saturday nights

If you were a superhero: I'd be called Axel Fox.

First record you ever bought: Michael Jackson - Thriller.

All time classic tune? Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Feel It.

Current top tune? Bassfort - The Street Is My World (Piano Mix).

Song guaranteed to fill the floor? Lady Cop - To Be Real.

When/how was the last time you cleared the floor? Announcing the buffet at my best mates wedding last summer.

CD, Vinyl or MP3? All of it - usually play out on Traktor Scratch.

DJ Hero? Greg Wilson.

What do you like to do when you’re not DJing? I like to keep a healthy balance with the weekend mischief by playing football, working out and doing a bit of yoga.

Party starter: My partner in crime Stefano, he always plays the perfect warm up.

Party killer: Stefano's flowery shirts and scarves (love gear he calls it).

If you were an animal: I'd like to say lion, but I'm more of a cheeky monkey.

Favourite city? Marseille - this week has been my 7th visit. I have so many beautiful and creative friends in the city.

One thing you would change about yourself? My date of birth. I would have liked to have experienced the local history in the likes of Wigan Casino and the Hacienda back in the day.

Favourite film? Beverly Hills Cop.

Greatest fear? Most fairground rides.

Favourite quote? The advice I would give to someone is not to take anybodies advice - Eddie Muprhy.

Inspiration: I've not seen him for a very long time, but my Grandad as he taught me a lot about life.

Biggest regret? A hangover - but I have a quick fix cure in espresso, milk thistle and tailored vitamins.

Top fashion tip for the club: Be yourself, don't follow other peoples trends.

What’s gonna be big this year? Hopefully another summer of love. I'm looking forward to the summer festivals, Sonaze 2011 in Marseille and Manchester International Festival particularly excite me.

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