Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Desvarieux - Sweet Florence

Deisel & Jarvis - Mr. Wong

Rubber Room - I Hate The Job

Love Robot - Slaves of Pleasure


Basto said...

Desvarieux - Sweet Florence

^^ this is a french artist...

Thx you pour le partage ^^

the saucer people said...

Rubber Room can do no wrong in my eyes and the string of constantly evolving tracks and re-edits are a joy to behold...The Pedestrians 'Commuter Fantasy' track has always been a discothèque cosmique favourite of mine and mixing it with the Rubber Room edit works so well.

Its really good to finally hear the original 1978 'Slaves Of Pleasure' track from the Love Robot, up until a few minutes ago I had only ever heard the Loudtone edit from a couple of years ago (another master of the re-edit).....someone mentioned to me there had been a bootleg of the album last year so on the strength of the original track I will track it down (I was going to say see record companies, MP3 posts do generate sales but as its a bootleg it doesnt really have the same impact!)....still beats paying 50-60 euros for a decent copy!

And in the runners up position honourable mention has to go to the Desvarieux & Diesel & Jarvis track...all in all the 31st March 2010 was a blinding post.....

Desvarieux...they are French you know ;)