Friday, 12 February 2010

Outcast LOve 30 > Balearik Soul

pretty stoked to be asked by stefan for a mix for the disco outcasts blog. here we go then, a selection of records that have surfaced to the top of the pile lately (yup, I’m a vinyl only type of guy) – it’s dark disco time with off key, off beat, european electronic gear, some dolly parton and ultimately climaxing with a great viewlexx 12” from a few years ago – couldn’t get it together to mix it all though so it’s more of a non-mix (i’ll leave the seamless mixes to the ableton/serato lovers out there).

about me? not much to say really, used to live on london, used to dj out quite regularly, used to have a taste for the nitelife, used to spend silly amounts of money on records but things have changed – i’m all for the quiet life now. i still get out every now and then but I’m fussy, lazy and don’t take as many risks as I did 20 years ago and rarely visit the dancefloor. i get round all this by staying in touch with my musical pals via the web, sharing mixes and selling antique vinyl records via discogs.

anyway i’m blathering on now – enjoy the music!

speziale BS020210 by baleariksoul

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