Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Outcast Love # 23 - AOR DISCO

Well we have a different style of Outcast Love for you here, in the form of a top 11 tracks specially selected from Matthew at Aor Disco. The Aor Disco blog is a real treasure trove of beardy rock cosmic disco (some term) and personally i am a real big fan of Matthew's selections for the site..

On to the tracks, a perfect and well crafted soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon of for coming down to after the party.. Thank you to Matthew, ENjoy xx

"Matthew Hamilton spent the 1980s listening to heavy metal and soft rock. He had a mullet, high-topped Nike trainers and a leather jacket with a Flying V badge. So when all his friends discovered Acid House in 1988 and started telling him about nightclubs where they hugged people and ate slices of watermelon and dance music...he thought the world had gone mad.

In 1990 he finally relented and was taken to his first rave at the Cambridge Corn Exchange - and when "What Time Is Love?" by the KLF came on he saw the light - and became instantly obsessed with house music.

With Charlton Antenbring from Cowboy Records' Secret Life he started the Big Issue club page and they were early champions of the progressive house scene. Matthew eventually went into book publishing though - and is now an editor and literary agent whose clients include a number of music writers and muscians such as Barney Hoskyns, Lloyd Bradley, Emma Warren, Luke Bainbridge, Dave Haslam and Danny Rampling.

When he turned forty and had long given up going to clubs he came across David Bumpstead and Steve Lee's Mondo Disco group - and realised that there were many others out there who shared a love of both soft rock and disco. But no longer did he have to make a choice like he did in 1988 because DJs and producers were combining the two types of music so well it was clear that they were meant to be together after all.

And this is how the AOR Disco site came about: to gather together all the best originals, re-edits and covers of adult orientated rock, spacey funk and heavy disco classics all in one place."

1) I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Mix) - Bruce Springsteen

2) Miracles (Sunshine Jones Revision) - Jefferson Starship
3) Oh Yoko! (Pocketknife's Numero Ono Refix) - John Lennon
4) Slipped My Disco - The Tubes
5) Let It Happen (Beatfanatic Remix) - Vangelis
6) Tubular Bells - Champ's Boys Orchestra
7) Gamma Model - Fitzcarraldo Variations
8) Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix) - Radiohead
9) Heaven (Sunshine Jones Re-edit) - The Rolling Stones
10) I Wanna Kiss You All Over (Sunshine Jones Re-edit) - Exile
11) Planet Caravan (DJ Steef Edit) - Black Sabbath


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