Monday, 28 September 2009

Outcast Love # 22 - MARCELLO GIORDANI

Next up for the Outcast Love mix series is the very cool Marcello Giordani from Italo Deviance.. If you are not aware of the blog you need to get yourself over there immediately, for what awaits you is a whole world of rare italo that you will have unlikely come across..Rethink your Italo knowledge!!!

Also due to drop soon is Italo Deviance 001: 1. Don't remember what (Marcello Giordani re-edit) 2. Stars & Muscles (Ajello re-edit) 3. Futuristic ego (Beppe Loda re-edit)- i have heard the Ajell0 edit, i assure you from hearing this track alone, you need this in your collection. Fierce!

so onto the mix, Marcello has delivered an amazing selection of classic & electronic disco from recent times, this will be your sound track for many a night to come.. Italo Deviance, 100% Detonation. Outcast Love to you Marcello. ENjoy! x

Born in Parma (Italy), Marcello Giordani in 1992 started spinning the House music in clubs nearby his town and work on the most important Italian Club scenes. In 2006 started producing on labels like Dirt Crew, Mule Musiq, Boogie Farm and Radius, LIWM, Compost Black, Youngodds as "SuperSonic Lovers".
Since October 2008 is running a blog called ITALO DEVIANCE (full of obscure disco tracks and re edits) with over 300+ visitors everyday.
Marcello is also a record collector, his eclectic dj sets and productions have been inspired by the N.Y. Disco and Chicago scene of the mid 80's, Detroit techno and from the early Italo & Cosmic music!



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