Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Disco Outcasts @ La Dame Noir, Marseille, France, Friday 8th May

Some words from LA DAME NOIR'S blog

“La dame Noir” is mainly concerned by retro-futuristic obsessional lunar music.We are dancing on voodoo disco, broadcasting, booking & supporting all the artists making those electronic spells.

We are djs and our love for music is as strong as our love to share it. That is the reason why we started this blog, and that is the only reason why we are recommending you to attend those artists gigs & to buy their music if you can afford so.If you are a producer and want your tune to be taken off this blog, let us know. But please, if your music is there, it just means that we are playing it and loving your work so tell us if you are fine with being represented by another song of yours.

Throughout this blog we are sharing the music that we spin, this is our night&day playlist. We are not interested in sharing the lastest freshest brand new tune, all songs have been tested and approved. Consequently if you like the way it sounds we would recommend you not to check only the lateste freshest post. We like to believe that the very first tune posted is as good as the latest one. Music will be changing and evolving throug the blog and it’s all because of the influence of the moon, of the seasons, of the day it’s been posted and of our mood.It is not a fuckin’ “cahier de tendances”.

La Dame Noir [bar]
Tuesday - Saturday, 6pm - 2am
30 place Notre Dame Du Mont
13006 Marseille

Broadcasted Live & Direct
Tuesday - Saturday, 6pm - 2am
here: awdio

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